Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lessons of History

The wonderful thing about the study of history is that it gives a person a perspective on current events.So as we are struggling with high gas prices and a downturn in the housing market think of the sacrifice John Adams made in 1778 during the Revolutionary War. At the request of Congress, in February of 1778, he sailed from Boston to France to represent the United States and hopefully gain French help in our War of Independence from England. In the dead of winter he left his lucrative law practice, his wife and small children alone on a farm for over a year while a war raged across the original 13 colonies. He had already spent much time away from his family in Philadelphia representing Massachusetts in the Continental Congress and his wife did not want him to go. When he left he did not know when or if he would return. He had never been to Europe or out of Massachusetts except his trips to Philadelphia.. Accompanied by his oldest son he crossed the North Atlantic in winter on a small Continental Navy frigate. They had to avoid capture by the British Navy, the largest navy in the world. They were chased by several British warships. If captured he would have been taken to London and could very well have been tried and hung as a traitor. In the 1700's in the best of time a trip across the North Atlantic on a small wooden sailing ship took 45 days and was a dangerous and uncomfortable trip. The son who accompanied him was John Quincy Adams who also later became a President of the United States.

So suck it up America..... these are not the worst of times and it's not even close!