Wednesday, June 18, 2008

John Adams DVD

Last night I spend the best $35.00 I have spent in a long time. I bought the newly released DVD set of the HBO "John Adams" mini series. We do not subscribe to HBO so I missed the series last spring on TV. Since it was released on DVD I have been comparison shopping. It was $60.00 at Circuit City. It was $40.00 at Wal-Mart. It was $35.00 from . However, last night while shopping at Costco with my son and wife I found it for $35.00. I got the LAST one they had. I looked through their DVD section THREE times before I found it turned backwards and mixed in with another group of DVDs. I later saw the price sign where it should have been located but the spot was filled with another DVD set. After we got home the three of us watched the first episode and my son and I watched the 2nd episode that took us up through the signing of the Declaration of Independence. All I can say was it was very powerful and I loved the actress that plays Abigale Adams. I will write a complete review here after I have watched the complete series. The Series is based upon David McCullough's book of the same title which I have read and is also excellent.

(click on the title for a link to a review of the DVD "John Adams")