Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer In Medford

We have now passed two of the three markers for the beginning of Summer. Memorial Day Weekend and the day schools is out in the Rogue Valley have come and gone. The only marker left to pass, in three days, is Saturday June 21st. The official start of Summer. Medford seems deserted since school "let out" last week. We have had the best weather of the year this past week. It seems like "everyone has gone to the moon." It's been in the 70's and the summer stretches before us in all it's splendor. Plans are already being made for the 4th of July! Our son is home from graduate school,for the Summer. and has started his Summer job at an Oregon owned "big box" store as a cashier. He has worked there for five Summers and they have been very good to him. We already have plans for another outdoor Britt Concert in August..... Judy Collins and I have my motel reservations in Eugene for Oregon's first football game of the season against the Washington Huskies Labor Day Weekend. It will be a night game for TV. Our son wants to go to Ashland for the 4th of July. He also want to go to a Shakespearean play in Ashland at the outdoor theater in July for his birthday. I have invited my sister to come down for a Summer visit. This weekend, I will re-stain and water proof all the wood decks around our house and later I have plans for some other outdoor home improvement projects. Let's not forget the Republican and Democrat Conventions and the Olympics. Now, if only I could find a drive-in theater! Time for ice tea.