Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama throws one more under the bus!

Barak Obama today threw Jim Johnson under the bus when Johnson resigned from Obama's vice presidential search committee. ( committee of three..... now two):

"A leader of Democrat Barack Obama's vice presidential research team has resigned amid criticism over his personal loan deals.

Obama announced in a statement Wednesday that Jim Johnson was stepping aside to avoid distracting from the vetting process.

Johnson served on the vetting team with former first daughter Caroline Kennedy and former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder."

The following list is who we know about so far even though we aren’t one full week into the unofficial general election stage of the campaign:

Reverend Wright (anti-American racist spiritual leader, teacher, friend and adviser of 20 years)

Bill Ayers (American terrorist, neighbor and fellow board member)

Robert Malley (pro-Palestinian anti_Semitic Middle East adviser that met secretly with Hamas terrorists)

Tony Rezko (Convicted political deal maker that provided a sweetheart deal that no regular person could get on a chunk of land for Barack Obama and his wife. The loan came at a time while Rezko was already under the cloud of a federal indictment)

Father Phlegar (Trinity United regular, Obama supporter from the pulpit of his now former church and big mouthed embarrassment)

Trinity Church ( Obama's racist church of 20 years..... did you see the congregation jump up and cheer racist comments about Hilary Clinton and "Whites" in general.*

Maternal Grandmother (Obama "Just a typical white person")

Who next..... Michelle Obama ?

Recall, we are not supposed to discuss any of this because as Barack Obama says, the actual act of mentioning this in public is just a dirty game of politics.

*edited version of a posting on another blog