Monday, May 28, 2007

Holiday Weekend

My wife and I worked on our house most of this three day weekend. On Saturday I painted the front of our house that faces the driveway. I also replaced the top of the wood railing on our back deck. We had a lot of snow this last winter (see Pictures) and as a result there is a lot of repair work that needed to be done. Last weekend I stained all three of the decks that surround our home.

This summer we are replacing the 28 year old carpet in our home. It was good carpet but it is starting to show it's wear. It's a very 70's burnt orange. Considering we raised two children and a dog and cat on it it has done it's duty and is ready for retirement. For the last three weeks we have been bringing home samples and have decided on the color and style for all three floor. We tried to go neutral because in a few years we will be downsizing and wanted something that will appeal to buyers.
One of the problems in getting new carpet in a house you are living in is everything and I mean everything needs to be moved. We have hired movers for the big stuff but the small stuff will be moved by my wife and I. Since we have been living in the house for over 20 years we have accumulated a lot of "stuff." Our children may have moved out but they left a lot of their "stuff." In addition we have inherited a lot of stuff of my parents. My wife spent the weekend sorting things out in our daughters room which is now my wife's sewing/quilting room. We found things of hers from grade school, jr high, high school and college. For example we found the visual aids she used in speech and debate from high school. So many memories. We found the suit she wore when she portrayed Winston Churchill in Grade school for "Night of the Notables".

I went through our record collection and reduced it substantially. In the last few years I have converted most of my music to CD's and put it on my computer and MP3 player. In fact, I have not played records for years. I have records I collected in high school, college, army and law school. In addition, I inherited a large number of records from my parent and records they inherited from Uncle Herm. It was a trip down memory lane. I ended up only keeping my Simon and Garfunkel album collection and my political/military/historical records. Oh, I also kept my soundtrack to "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Audrey Hepburn on the cover. All of my folk, rock and roll and easy listning went in the garage sale/goodwill pile. By the way, I did keep all my John Wayne sound track album's. I also cleaned out the shelves around my computer. I had pages of "Duck football recruiting" info going back years.

Today, I went through my closet and "thinned" it out. Hated to put those 1995 Oregon Duck Rose Bowl tee shirts in the Goodwill pile.

We are having a garage sale in late June or early July. This will be a busy Summer.