Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Newt’s doomed crusade !

S.E. Cupp, conservative columnist, speaks for me when she says "shame on us" for the Conservative Movement's apparent infatuation with Newt Gingrich. In a column subtitled, "The quixotic Gingrich campaign for the White House could sink the conservative movement." she writes in part:

In no measure does Gingrich fit what conservatives want in their candidate.

Tea Party voters want a small-government, anti-establishment Washington outsider. Gingrich fails on all three counts.

Establishment Republicans want an electable candidate. Gingrich fails here, as well.

Social conservatives want a candidate who reflects their family values. Um . . .

So if Gingrich fails to satisfy any of these impulses, I’m left to assume that conservatives are simply out for a good time. They want to be entertained by a Gingrich-Obama slugfest in the general election debates, and they are willing to sacrifice everything — their credibility, their values and the White House — to sit in the Coliseum and watch a Christian get devoured by lions.

Shame on us. The future of conservatism and the future of the country are bigger than debate-night hijinks. If we conservatives are willing to forgive Gingrich his transgressions, I’m not sure what separates us from liberals.

To read the rest of her column click on the title for a link.

As a long time movement conservative I am embarrassed with this infatuation with Newt Gingrich and I can only hope it is temporary. If I make another charge for the Conservative cause you can bet it will NOT be with Newt leading it. We are better than that ! This man is a charlatan.

I would like to write on another subject but this man threatens the Conservative cause I have loved from age 16 and threatens to reelect Obama who has so damaged the country I have loved even longer. This battle is for the sole of the Conservative movement. I stand with the editors of National Review Magazine. See editorial below.