Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Kennedys" TV Mini Series

I highly recommend the TV mini series. now out on DVD, about the Kennedy family. It has the quality of the HBO series on John Adams. Greg Kinnear as JFK is great. There were times I had to keep telling myself it wasn't JFK. My start as a political junkie was during the Kennedy/Nixon campaign of 1960 so have some experience with the real JFK. Tom Wilkinson brings "old Joe" Kennedy to life. I have read many books about the Kennedy's but this movie brings it all to life. It starts from when "old Joe" was U.S. Ambassador to Great Briton before World War II and takes us through the assassination of Bobbie in 1968. This movie is more than a greatest hits type of movie but gets into the personality of the family members. The Kennedy family tried to suppress this movie because it doesn't sugar coat JFK's "skirt chasing" or other issues but in the end it is a sympathetic story of a family that faced many tragedies. As someone who always knew "Camelot" was a fraud I grew to like them more after watching this mini series. It shows two sons, Bobby and Jack, driven by their father and who always sought his approval. If you like history and politics this is a must see! It's available from Netflix both streaming and on DVD. I give it 5 stars !