Thursday, January 26, 2012

Judy "blue eyes" in Medford Tonight

Yes, I know there is a Republican debate on too !! Judy Collins will will perform at the Ginger Rodgers Craterian Theater. Review tomorrow !


Before going to the concert last night I was talking with a co worker and she asked what concert I was going to and I said Judy Collins. Her reply was "who is that" ? I said a 60's folk singer and she said "I was born much later than that." I then said haven't you heard of the song "Both Side Now" and she said "no". I then said how about "Send in the Clowns" and she said "didn't Judy Garland sing that" ?.... and I gave up.

My wife and I arrived at the Craterian and waited a while in the lobby. They were selling Judy Collins latest CD album "Bohemian" (see cover above) and I bought it. It was personally autographed by her on the cover. We then ran into some fellow "ducks" and talked with them for a while about the Ducks and what else..... politics. We then went in and got our seats and listened to a 30 minute opening act which was "just OK." The guy was very good on the guitar but I was not a fan of his music.

After a short brake Judy came out and gave a wonderful concert. She is 72 and looks great ! Her voice still can hit the high notes, and once warmed up, she is still a great singer. If you want a "perfect" rendition of her music listen to the CD because even as good as she is she isn't as perfect as she was at 25 or 45. On her first song, "Chelsae Morning," she had to start over because she just wasn't getting it right but she soared thereafter. Judy likes to talk alot between songs, talking about her family and the history of folk music and what it was like in Greenwich Village in New York in the 60's. She talked about meeting the singers of that era including a guy named Bob Dylan. She likes to drop a lot of names. She mentions how much she likes the Britt Festival in Jacksonville and wants to be invited back. Through the years we have seen her twice at Britt. Some people complain that she should talk less between songs but I love it. Sometimes her thoughts are somewhat "scattered" but it makes it all the more endearing. At a point or two I thought I was watching a Smothers Brothers show where they would start singing and then stop in mid song and start talking some more. The two high points for me were when she sang the Joan Baez song "Diamonds and Rust" about Baez relationship with Bob Dylan and when Judy sang "In The Twilight" a new song about her mothers final days. It was very very good and is found on her new album "Bohemian" released in the last year.She also sang "Both Sides Now." She sang from her new album, "Campo De Encino"and "Veteran's Day." I particularity enjoyed the combination of the songs "Leaving on a Jet plane" and Country Roads" and an Arlo Guthrey hit "City of New Orleans." She ended by singing the Judy Garland hit "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." She kept her political talk to a minimum but did make a snide remark about Sara Palin.
She received numerous standing ovations from a full crowd (first floor as far as I could see) who were very appreciative. She left me wanting more. I have listened to her new album today and it is one of her best ! I had previewed it on before the concert but that did not do it justice.

I noted from her concert schedule, on her website, that tonight she gives a concert in Bremerton, Washington and on Saturday in Durant, Oklahoma, and on Sunday in Austin, Texas. That is a lot of travel and singing for someone who is 72 and I couldn't help thinking during the concert we are witnessing something special that won't go on forever.