Monday, January 23, 2012

Liberal Washington Influence Peddler

According to the National Journal:
Freddie Mac paid the Gingrich Group up to $300,000 for the year, to "provide consulting and related services as requested by Freddie Mac's Director, Public Policy in exchange for which Freddie Mac will pay Consultant $25,000 per each full calendar month during which Consultant provides services," according to the 15-page contract.

I have read the contract and it is mostly "boiler plate" terms that are included in contracts of this type but gives little or no information as to what he did for the $25,000 per month. The agreement was signed on behalf of Freddy Mac by their chief lobbyist.

He gets $25,000.00 per month and the contract does not specify his duties ! I would like work like that !

There is nothing in the contract about Newt being a "historian" as claimed by Newt. He was being paid for his influence and anyone who knows how Washington works will understand that fact.

Newt during the debate tonight in Florida was asked what he had done for the Conservative cause and he started out by stating he went to a Goldwater speech. However as someone who actually worked for Goldwater in 1964 I found it interesting that Newt neglected to tell the American people he worked for Liberal Republican, Nelson Rockefeller, in his 1968 Presidential campaign, as a regional director as a grad student at Tulane University. Somehow that was skipped by "the historian."