Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Republican Debate

50 years ago a nerdish kid in Junior High School (Middle School) was awarded the DAR Medal for "Excellence in History." 50 years later, last night, his adult children attended the Republican Debate held at the DAR Hall (Constitution Hall) in Washington DC. The nerd was me. I was not a very good student in Junior High but I did have a passion for history that continues to this day. Our children are together this Thanksgiving Holiday Week in Washington DC and were able to attend last nights Republican Debate. Their mother and I watched the debate on CNN intently trying to spot "the kids" but the camera shots of where they were sitting were just too distant and the picture too small. After the debate they called us with a "blow by blow" description of their adventure.

One proud Dad !

As to the debate I felt all the candidates looked good or better than their prior debate performances.There were no big winners or losers. Cain and Perry did OK but were out of their depth. Backmann and Santorum had their moments but in the end it was Romney and Gingrich who looked like they could lead this country as President.

I continue to support Mitt Romney as the best candidate to beat Obama and to lead a divided country in troubled times.