Friday, November 04, 2011

"High Tech Lynching"

I am supporting Mitt Romney but it brings my blood to a boil watching what is happening to Herman Cain by Liberals,the Liberal Media and people hiding behind the press as "Anonymous Sources".Unless a person is willing to step forward I give absolutely no credit to what they whisper to a friendly member of the press.

The same people who protected Bill Clinton and called his accuser's who did step forward, with allegations of physical abuse,"trailer park trash" and "bimbos" are now going after a Black Conservative just as they did against Clarence Thomas. It will not work .... it will not stand !

Former Senator Fred Thompson wrote yesterday at National Review online:

To many people, not just Republicans, this is just another instance of dirty Washington politics indulging itself, obsessing over trivia while Rome burns. Cain, a very intelligent conservative, upsets the liberal paradigm of what African Americans are supposed to believe. Many Cain supporters involved in the tea-party movement have themselves been called racists in the recent past. Now, with the economy in the tank, the nation broke, the European Union on the verge of throwing the entire Western world into recession if not worse, and former Democratic senator and governor Jon Corzine’s company having “misplaced” $200 million of investors’ money, our burning national issue is whether Herman Cain made some improper remarks over a decade ago.

Click on the title for a link to the rest of Senator Thompson's column.


Just got this email from someone who read my blog post above:

I saw your blog. I'm not sure if you saw the CNN interview, but they had the accuser's lawyer on the show the other day and they asked him several times if he thought what Herman Cain did amounted to sexual harassment. Each time the lawyer danced around the question saying "I believe my client has brought these accusations in good faith." Not even her own lawyer was willing to stand up and explicitly say that what he did amounted to sexual harassment. Then, they go through the trouble of getting a waiver on the confidentiality agreement, and upon the conclusion tell us they won't go into the details. Also the Politico weasels tell us that they decline to give the details out of "sensitivity" to the alleged victims. I can't think of a more bull-sh*t excuse than that. All of this seems to indicate that the accusations and details leveled at Herman Cain are so petty and benign that it would embarrass the weasel Politico reporters and accusers to detail.

That's a good point.... the liberals can do more damage by leaving it to our sweet imagination than giving us the real ambiguous details.