Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No More New Music CD's After 2012 ????

According to the website "The Digital Bits" most new music albums will no longer be issued on CD's after 2012 as the music companies are going to go almost exclusively to downloading from iTunes and Amazon etc.
It seems the online magazine Side-Line is among a number of publications reporting that all the major music industry labels are preparing to abandon the Compact Disc format by the end of 2012, in favor of download/streaming only releases via iTunes, Amazon and other digital music services

Click on the title for more information. I will miss the CD cover art and the ability to display your CD on shelves and to organize them on shelves. Fortunately I have most of the music I love already on CD's and organized on shelves above my home computer. Yes I also have my music on my iPad, Mp3 player, Microsoft Media player and Apple iTunes on my office and home computers. However, it's like a book library I like the feel and look of CDs. You can put your hands on them and a crash of your computer will not destroy your library of music. I will probly in many cases, after the stop making new music CD's, download them and burn them on CD's. However the cover art always looks better on a purchased CD than when printed off my printer.