Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Movies and the Holidays

It's almost Thanksgiving so let's take a break from the "Civil War" and Politics and write about movies released during the Holidays.

One of the best parts of the Holidays, along with collage football bowl games, is taking the family to the movies at a local theater. Hollywood likes to release good movies for the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year Holiday period because people have more time for going to the movies and in most parts of the country outside activities are limited because of the weather. After spending lots of time inside with relatives at home it is liberating to get out of the house and go to a movie.This year we are particularly lucky because so many good movies are being released. The following is the release date and names of some movies I would like to see.

November 11, 2011

"J Edgar"

Directed by Clint Eastwood with Leonardo DiCaprio as J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI. Hoover was one of my hero's growing up. Some conservatives have given the movie bad reviews for liberal revisionism of history .... the screen writer is a noted liberal but Eastwood toned him down a bit.

November 18, 2011

"The Descendants"

George Clooney as a father living in Hawaii trying to reconnect with his daughters. I have watched the previews and it looks good. Clooney for all his politic is a good actor and this looks like a good drama/comedy for an adult family to watch.

November 23, 2011

"My Week with Marilyn"

Yes, Marilyn Monroe during the time she spent in London filming "The Prince and the Showgirl" in 1957 as told by a Brit who served as her escort.

December 8, 2011

"New Years Eve"

Intertwined story lines on New Year's Eve like the movie "Valentines Day" from last year.

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"

Based upon John Le Carre's 1979 miniseries about Cold War espionage.Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. Saw the previews and it looks good if you like spy vs spy.

December 16, 2011

"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows"

Robert Downey Jr returns in a second movie about Sherlock Holmes. I like Holmes and I like Downey.

"The Iron Lady"

Meryl Streep as British Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher. Wild horses can't keep me from seeing this movie. I love the "Iron Lady" who along with Ronald Reagan won the Cold War. She was and is one of my hero's.

December 23, 2011

"We Bought a Zoo"

Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson in a movie about a family who moves to the countryside and buys a zoo. Directed by Cameron Crowe of "Elizabethtown" and "Almost Famous" fame. I will see almost anything directed by Cameron Crowe. He is on of my favorite of the current directors.

December 25, 2011 (Christmas Day)

"War Horse"

World War I drama directed by Steven Spielberg about a boy and his horse. This is a MUST see for me. Some say the battle scenes equal those of "Saving Private Ryan."

What with college football and basketball I may not be able to see all of these movies at the theater this Holiday season but those I don't get to see will make my Netflix Queue.