Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Civil War Week 2011 ( Part five)

Some interesting facts about the Civil War Game from Wikipedia:

1.The Civil War is the colloquial name for the annual college football game in Oregon between the Oregon State Beavers and the Oregon Ducks. First played in 1894, it is the seventh-oldest college football rivalry game in the United States.

2.The game was first played in 1894 and has been contested 114 times as of 2010.

3.The game was not contested in 1900, 1901, 1911, 1943, and 1944 and two games were played in 1896 and 1945.

4.The first reference to the "Civil War" name was in 1929 and came into common use in 1937. Prior to that, it was called the "Oregon Classic" or the "State Championship Game."

5.The University of Oregon holds a series lead of 57-46-10.

6. In an effort to mitigate rioting, the 1912 and 1913 games were played at a neutral site in Albany following riots after the 1910 game.

Some of my Most Memorable games:

1972: After a 30-3 UO victory at Corvallis, Ducks fans stormed the OSU field to take down goal posts; after taking down the south goalposts, Beavers fans attempted to defend the north goalposts, resulting in a large brawl. ( I was there after having returning to Oregon after two years in the army.

1992: Oregon won the game in a wind and rain swept game in Corvallis 7-0. (I took my two young children to the game. We were seated in the end zone under the Beaver scoreboard on open air bleachers. The wind would come up under the bleachers and blow our yellow ponchos up into our face. It was cold and wet ! At halftime the Ducks were ahead by 7 points and we took a vote to stay or leave and I lost and we headed back to our car. While walking back a Beaver STOLE the duck hat off of my then 8 year old son and disappeared into the rain. I learned then if I hadn't learned it before to hate the Beavers. We listened to the rest of the game on the radio as we drive back to Medford.)

1994: Oregon needed a win in front of a hostile Parker Stadium crowd to secure a bid to the 1995 Rose Bowl, but they trailed 13–10 in the fourth quarter. Duck quarterback Danny O'Neil took the Ducks on a 70-yard drive that culminated in a 19-yard pass to Dino Philyaw to give them the 17–13 win and their first Rose Bowl in 37 years.(I was watching at home on TV with my family and came close to a heart attack from the tension.... several times I had to go outside to "cool off." After the game I opend my bottle of Len Casanova Wine, personal autographed by the Oregon Coach who had last taken the Ducks to the Rose Bowl in 1958, and we all had a drink. )

2001: Oregon came into the game needing only a victory over their arch-rival for the team's first outright Pacific-10 Conference championship since 1994 and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl; the Beavers needed a win to secure a winning season. After OSU initially took a 6-3 lead into halftime, Oregon rallied behind a Keenan Howry punt return for a touchdown to give the Ducks a lead they would not relinquish, amidst a driving rainstorm. Final score: Ducks 17, Beavers 14.( I was there and after Howry made his touchdown the heavens opened up and it just poured very hard and everyone was ecstatic and were energised by the rain and I looked above into the pouring rain and celebrated with everyone else giving little care to the fact we were all getting soaked)

There are more games and more memories..... some good ... some bad..... and some sad.

Let's Go Ducks Beat the Beavers !!!!