Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An English Thanksgiving, 1942

Click on the title for an interesting story about Thanksgiving in England in the dark days of World War II. Early in the war Japan was still advancing across the Pacific and Germany held most of Europe. America was still gearing up for war and American soldiers were just beginning to arrive in England and introduced the American holiday of Thanksgiving to the English people who had been standing alone against the Nazi juggernaut.

In those dark days, Americans took special pleasure in displaying their homegrown holiday to the Mother Country. The English were dubious at first but slowly realized they were being invited to share in something very special.

Helping to win them over was an extraordinary act of generosity very much in keeping with the spirit of the holiday. Merchant ships had carried tons of frozen turkey across the submarine-infested Atlantic for the big day. Then the Yanks announced they would donate all of it to the thousands of British war wounded in hospitals. Instead they would dine on roast pork and eat plum pudding for desert, alas without the standard rum sauce.

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Happy Thanksgiving America !