Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Ducks have done it again !

No, I am not talking about their performance on the field. I'm talking about how they have sucked me into me being obsessed about them..... again ! Every year I tell myself to just sit back and enjoy the football season. It was easier after they lost their first game to LSU. I didn't have to worry about another trip to the National Championship. I even stayed home and watched a home game on TV. I went on the trip to Stanford half way expecting the Ducks to lose and told myself that would be "OK" as the trip was so much fun and I was going to see our daughter. Well, they beat Stanford and now are playing in the first ever Pac 12 championship and a right to go to the Rose Bowl ! Ever since I watched the Ducks, on TV, play in the 1958 Rose Bowl it has been a dream objective of this Duck fan. The family has made two trip there once in 1995 and then in 2010 (1994 & 2009 seasons). However, unless the Ducks beat a desperate UCLA team on Friday it will not happen. All I can think about is the game. Where is the perspective.... where is the "enjoy the journey". They sucked me in again ! The world and country may be going to Hell, but this week, all I care about is the Ducks. I can't even get excited about the Republican Presidential nomination race.

Go the Day.... beat the Bruins!