Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barak Obama the Narcissist

From Webster's Online Dictionary:
Typical traits of a narcissist

The following traits are commonly found in narcissists:

The narcissist feels the need to have a lot of attention, adulation, admiration or subservience from others.

The narcissist is preoccupied with himself/herself, his/her preferences, needs and aspirations and with his/her fantasies of unlimited success.

The narcissist appears to be devoid of empathy (although it is sometimes suggested that the narcissist can, to some extent, empathise with other narcissists).

The narcissist is inclined to lie or deceive.

The narcissist often criticizes others, sometimes to the extent of damaging their reputation.

The narcissist often behaves very differently in public situations from private situations (i.e. his or her public persona is very different from his or her private persona).

The public persona is typically very charming (perhaps designed to generate admiration) while the private persona can appear to be quite aggressive.

Most people only witness the public persona and do not see the private persona, and therefore have a very distorted perception of the narcissist's true character.

A narcissist is generally an adult; between a half and three-quarters of narcissists are men, the rest being women.

While a narcissist might criticize others the narcissist strongly dislikes to be criticized by others.

While a narcissist might interrupt others in conversation the narcissist strongly dislikes to be interrupted by others.

A narcissist feels entitled to special privileges.

While a narcissist will often ask favors of others, he or she will feel no obligation to return favors and may strongly dislike it when others ask too many favors of the narcissist.

A narcissist will often expect others to fit in with the narcissist's plans.

Some narcissists may try to modify the plans of others, but will often use charm to obtain the necessary consent to change their plans.

The narcissist reacts badly when any aspect of his/her freedom is threatened or when his/her plans are thwarted.

That really describes our President!

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