Wednesday, September 01, 2010

3 Days Till Oregon's First Football Game of the 2010 Season

The Oregon Ducks will play New Mexico on Saturday September 4th at 12:30 PM ( Labor Day Weekend) in Autzen Stadium in Eugene. It will be the Ducks first game of the season. When I was a student many years ago I always loved these early games before school started. It was like having your dessert first ! Now I love them because of the usually good weather. As usual I will leave Medford early to drive the three hour trip up I-5 to Eugene. We usually park on the campus side of the Willamette river and walk over the footbridge to Autzen Stadium . This time of year it is a very pleasant walk over the river and through a wooded area to the stadium. On the walk there are people selling duck tee shirts etc that adds to the festive nature of the day. This year P.K. Park (the new baseball park) next to Autzen Stadium will be open with a big screen TV and the snack bars will be open with no need for a ticket to the game. They will broadcast the game on the big screen TV. What a fun way to be apart of the game day experience even if you don't have a ticket. Part of the stands are covered and so we will check this out before going in to Autzen for the game.

What a great way to end Summer

Go Ducks !