Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin Wins ...... Big Time !!!!

As a political junkie I have watched every Presidential debate since the first Nixon/Kennedy Debate in 1960 and Sarah Palin gave the most impressive performance ever. She was even better than Reagan. The closest to her in a fresh new style was John Kennedy in 1960. She was wonderful, fresh,and original. Biden came across as an old dull politician. Whenever he spoke my eyes would glaze over and when Palen spoke it was like a bright colorful light coming on. Several times I saw a look on Biden's face while Palen was speaking that seemed to say "She is cutting my throat but there is nothing I can do it and I admire her skill." It was a thing of beauty watching her perform. Even the liberals grudgingly admitted she did well. She should never give another interview to the "Main Stream Media" where they are allowed to edit it! They hate her and will do anything to sabotage her because they understand her power to go over their heads directly to the American People. A good night to be a Republican. Win or lose the election we have a new star who will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Sarah.... Sarah.... Sarah!!!!

Gwen Ifill should never have been allowed to be the "Moderator" (see posts below") but she was very "vanilla." As my son said it never hurts to work the refs before a game.It keeps them honest!