Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Comcast and Oregon Duck Games

The Medford Mail Tribune has an interesting article today on why most Southern Oregon Duck fans will not get up to 14 Oregon Duck basketball game this winter. The article deals primarily with the Portland Trailblazer games but Comcast sports broadcasts both Oregon Duck and Trailblazer basketball games and the reason why Southern Oregon fans are not getting the games is the same. Click on the title for the link. I have heard from several reliable sources, who should know, that Comcast wants $2.00 per Charter Cable subscriber per month 12 months a year and Charter knows that if they pass that cost on to their subscriber there will be a big protest because most subscribers are not willing to pay more for Oregon and Trailblazer games.

My guess is that Comcast agreed to pay the Ducks and the Trailblazers too much money for the TV rights and are now stuck not being able to get local (Oregon) cable TV companies to pay enough to cover their costs. Other than Oregon and Trailblazer games Comcast Sports does not have enough other quality programing to justify the price they are asking from Cable TV companies. In addition, the satellite TV providers such as The Dish and Direct TV area also unwilling to carry Comcast Sports.

Comcast is so desperate they have been running full page color ads in the Medford Mail Tribune sports section just about every Sunday to get Duck and Trailblazer fans to call Charter or their Satellite provider. Update, I just got back from a lunch walk and saw a billboard in downtown Medford paid for by Comcast again trying to get fans to call Charter etc.