Wednesday, October 01, 2008

City Planners recommend Approval of University of Oregon Basketball Arena

Eugene city planners are recommending that a hearings officer approve a conditional use permit so the University of Oregon can build a $227 million basketball arena.

The planners’ report, issued a week ahead of an Oct. 7 public hearing, sets out 18 conditions the city feels the UO must address to win approval. They range from technical code compliance issues to setting up a special event parking district to help keep arena patrons from clogging neighborhood streets.

(click on the title for a link to the Register Guard news report)

It's hard to believe all the bureaucracy that has to be complied with to build a new university building. No wonder nothing ever gets done. As AD Pat Kilkenny told me when he was visiting Medford, it seems like he needs permission from every person in the State of Oregon.