Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eugene's Tino's is gone too !!!

Eugene, Oregon's Italian restaurant "Tino's is also now gone. Tino's was may favorite traditional Italian Restaurant. It had the traditional red checkered table cloths, Chianti bottles with candles, and fake grapes hanging from the ceiling. They had the best lasagna. In fact, in all my years of searching I have not been able to find a restaurant that has lasagna as good as they would make at Tino's. I started going there in the 1960's as a college student at the University of Oregon. It was a favorite after a football or basketball game.I can still hear a Duck fan crying in his beer after a loss. The restaurant was started in an old house in the 1950's and was going strong into the 1990's. About 8 years ago my wife and I stopped by there after a football game between South Eugene and South Medford and a new owner had attempted to make the place into an upscale Italian restaurant and had ruined the lasagna. The red checked table clothes were gone and the place had lost it's charm. Now I see the restaurant has closed. Click on the title for a link to a web site started by some former employees. Memories