Friday, October 10, 2008

Football Weekend

Time to take a break from the political campaign and the financial mess for some football. Tonight is the South Medford vs North Medford "Black and Blue" Bowl game. We will have to miss the game and listen to it on the radio since South this year is the "visiting" team and our season tickets will not get us in. We dislike sitting on the visitors side of the field. Both teams play their home games in the same stadium in Medford. Tomorrow we will drive to Eugene for the University of Oregon game against UCLA. It will be a night game for TV. Let us hope the Ducks have recovered from their disastrous beating by U$C in the Coliseum last week. If not this could be a long season. Rick Neuheisel or as we call him "New Weasel" is the new coach for UCLA and he is a guy Duck fans love the hate. Go Panthers and Go Ducks!