Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie:"The Duchess" *****

This afternoon my wife and I went to see a historical movie about Georgiana Duchess of Dovenshire at Tinseltown here in Medford. It was between this movie and "Appaloosa" a new western that George Will writes is very good. Well, I lost and we went to see "The Duchess." This is a very good movie. I was a little worried when we got to Tinseltown as there were very few men in the audience. However. as an Anglophile I am a sucker for movies about English History. There was even some politics in the movie because the Duchess had an affair with a future English Prime Minister Earl Gray.... the guy the tea is name after. The scenery, costumes,music and acting are all very well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it. Don't worry I will see "Appaloosa"!