Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain Gains in Polls

John McCain continues to gain in the polls in the running Wickre average of tracking polls. Today, Saturday Oct 18, the average is now Obama +3.75 a drop of half a point from yesterday. The average of polls was about +6 after the stock market began to crash. However, last Thursday and Friday Obama's lead had shrunk to +4.25. With polls taken through Friday night ( A night when a lot of Republicans are at high school football games) Obama's lead shrunk to +3.75. I would expect the individual state polls would start to follow. There is a new poll out of Florida with McCain +2. The Polls used are as follows:

Zogby +4 for Obama
Rasmussen +5 for Obama
Gallop (traditional) +2 Obama
Gallop (expanded) +4 Obama