Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Road to the Republican Convention

On January 9th, only three weeks ago, on this blog I posted my predictions on the road to the Republican Convention in Minneapolis. I will now post my updates on my predictions starting with Super Tuesday.To date my predictions have not been too accurate so take what follows with a grain of salt. These prediction are also based on a best case scenario for Romney. (* indicates no change in prediction)

Jan. 3
Iowa- Huckabee (already won)

Jan. 5
Wyoming caucuses (R)- Romney (already won)

Jan. 8
New Hampshire -McCain (already won)

Jan. 15
Michigan - McCain (Update: Romney Wins, McCain 2nd)

Jan. 19
Nevada- Romney (Update: Romney Wins)
South Carolina (R)- Huckabee (Update: McCain Wins)

Jan. 29
Florida- Giuliani (Update: McCain Wins)

Feb. 1
Maine (R)- McCain*

Feb. 5 (Super Tuesday)
Alabama- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)
Alaska- Romney*
Arizona- McCain*
Arkansas- Huckabee*
California- Giuliani (Update: McCain will win)
Colorado-Romney (Update: McCain will win)
Delaware-Giuliani (Update: McCain will win)
Georgia- Huckabee (Update Romney will Win)

Illinois- Giuliani (Update: Romney will win)

Massachusetts- Romney*
Missouri-Huckabee ( Update: Romney will win)
New Jersey- Giuliani (Update: McCain will win)

New York- Giuliani (Update: McCain will win)
North Dakota- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)
Oklahoma- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)
Tennessee Thompson (if he is still in) (Update: Romney will win)
Utah- Romney, an easy one*

Update: Hugh Hewitt's prediction of delegate total results after Super Tuesday: McCain 745, Romney 327, and Huck 197. (Click on title above for his analysis on the delegate count)

It takes 1,191 delegates to secure the nomination.

Feb. 9
Louisiana - Huckabee*
Kansas (R)- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)

Feb. 12
District of Columbia- Giuliani (Update: Romney will win)
Maryland- Giuliani (Update: Romney will win)
Virginia- McCain (Update: McCain will win)

Feb. 19

Washington- Giuliani (Update: McCain will win)
Wisconsin- McCain*

March 4
Ohio- Giuliani (Update: Romney will win)
Rhode Island- McCain*
Texas-Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)
Vermont- McCain*

March 11
Mississippi- Huckabee*

April 22
Pennsylvania- Giuliani (Update: McCain will win)

May 6
Indiana- Romney*
North Carolina- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)

May 13
Nebraska- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)
West Virginia- Giuliani ( McCain will win)

May 20
Kentucky- Huckabee(Update: Romney will win)
Oregon- Giuliani ( Update: McCain will win)

May 27
Idaho (R)- Romney*

June 3
Montana- Romney*
New Mexico (R)- Romney*
South Dakota- Huckabee (Update: Romney will win)