Saturday, October 16, 2010

Netflix Streaming of Movies

I am finally inching toward the 21st Century. I have had a Play Station 3 for several years primarily to play Blu Ray DVD movies. It's in the family/movie room far from our Internet connected computer two floors above in our bedroom. About two weeks ago I finally got the the Play Station 3 connected to the Internet though a wireless connection to the computer modem upstairs. I originally did this so I could update the software of the Play Station 3. I have now discovered I can stream movies though my Netflix account without additional charge.

Several years ago our daughter gave her mother and I a Netflix subscription for two movies at a time for three months. We loved it and have continually renewed our subscription and get two movies each week through the mail. Now I have sent to Netflix for a spacial DVD that will allow me to stream movies from the Internet through the Play Station 3.

Last night I was able to stream the movie "The Malta Story" (1953) from Netflix to my new computer and it's windscreen monitor. There are several misconceptions I had in my head that were disproved last night as follows:

I will have to pay Netflix a per movie charge for each movie I stream.

NOT True. If you have a "Unlimited" account with Netflix and for example can have two movies out at a time there is NO additional charge.

The movie will stop and start over and over again if you have a less than perfect Internet speed.

NOT True. I have a slow connection through Quest that causes many videos on the Internet to stop and start before you can see the entire video.. It took about two minutes to download the movie and there were NO interruptions in the movie.

Now, sitting at a computer is not the perfect way to watch a movie. I am still a traditionalist and enjoy watching movies in my movie room and will report back after I get my Netflix DVD that will allow me to stream to my big screen TV from my Play Station 3.