Friday, October 15, 2010

Liberals say the darndest things

Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution has the "honor" of making a second appearance on Liberals say the darnedest things when she writes a column in which she says:

"The president has made some of his biggest mistakes trying to woo a GOP opposition"

Give me a break..... President Obama has some good qualities but dealing with folks he disagrees with is not one of them. There have been some photo opportunities but Obama has made no attempt to work with the Republicans in Congress. He has met with them but rather than "the give and take" that is required to work out compromises, President Obama is given to giving lectures and demonizing his opponents. It's the narcissist in him. The reason the Republicans in Congress have been fairly united in their opposition to Obama is the fact there has been no real attempt by him to split off the "moderate" Republicans. Clinton and LBJ were good at that. I predict he will not attempt to work with a Republican majority in the House after the November election. It's not in his makeup. As he said "there will be hand to hand combat"