Thursday, October 14, 2010

Movie:"The Big Carnival" (1951)

Also know as "The Ace in the Hole" I first saw this movie at a drive in movie theater with my parents in the early 1950's. It left a big impression on me and every time there is a "trapped in a mine" type news story I think of it. In fact, every time the news media hypes a disaster news story I think of it.

The basic plot is Kirk Douglas is a down on his luck New York City news reporter who is stuck working for a small newspaper in Albuquerque, New Mexico who learns of a man trapped in a old mine. He turns the story into a big media carnival in an attempt to get back to the "Big City". He intentionally prolongs the rescue attempt to be able to make it into a longer news story that will catch the nation's attention. He has a carnival set up with hot dog stands and rides to entertain the thousands of people who arrive to observe the rescue attempt. The movie make a great statement about the media and about peoples fascination with disaster whether they are natural or man made. Billy Wilder Directed the move. It's available on DVD from Netflix.

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