Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bob Dylan on John Ford

This is my day for finding people writing about movie director John Ford. During the lunch hour I went to the Jackson County Library here in Medford and found a cover story in the May 14, 2009 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine about "Bob Dylan's America" written by historian Douglas Brinkley. He has a long interview with Dylan in Europe during his spring concert tour. Among a lot of other topics, he talks about movie director John Ford.

Dylan considers director John Ford a great American artist. "I like his old films," Dylan says. "He was a man's man, and he thought that way. he never had his guard down. Put courage and bravery, redemption and a peculiar mix of agony and ecstasy on the screen in a brilliant dramatic manner. His movies were easy to understand. I like that period of time in American films. I think America has produced the greatest films ever. No other country has ever come close. The great movies that came out of America in the studio system, which a lot of people say is the slavery system, were heroic and visionary, and inspired people in a way that no other country has ever done. If film is the ultimate art form then you'll need to look no further than those film. Art has the ability to transform peoples live, and they did just that."

To read the entire cover story get the magazine as a newsstand or library near your.