Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long Holiday Weekend !

The advantage of a long holiday weekend is you can get a lot done. The weather is perfect here in Medford Oregon. It's been sunny and the temperature is in the low 80's.

Friday night I did my yard work in order to get it out of the way. I mowed both lawns and cut the weeds down by the creek.

Saturday my wife and I drove out to the Bass Shoe store and the Van Heusen store at the shops in Phoenix and did some clothes shopping for work and for a trip we are taking to the east coast to see our adult kids. Both stores had a big sale with most things were 75% off. I only go clothes shopping about once a year and it's probably been a year and a half since I last went so we got some good deals with will last me another 18 months or so.We then had lunch a Abie's and then my wife went grocery shopping as I washed all the clothes. I then had to drive back to Phoenix to perform a wedding ceremony for a nice couple at a trailer court. My wife and I then watched a Netflix movie in blu ray..... "Marlie and Me." I always cry in dog movies since I saw "Old Yeller" die when I was a kid. I can watch thousands of people die in a movie but have one dog die and I get all chocked up.

Sunday I scraped paint on on our deck overlooking the driveway and then sanded the boards. I then used wood filler to fill in the cracks and will put an undercoat on them when it gets cooler. I restrained both of our garage doors. I also restrained the front door. My wife is repainting the metal railings going up to our bedroom changing the color from black to dark brown. The first paint she used was very runny so we went out to Home Depot to get a different brand and it did the trick and looks great. On the way back we stopped for a treat at Dairy Queen. After dark I will watch another Netflix Movie.

Monday I will finish the deck painting by putting on the final coat and generally touch up the rest of the house on the outside with paint.

This weekend we have a guest. "Cruiser" our male office cat came home for the weekend because of some work the building owner is doing to our office. Our cat "Gabbie" a female does not like other cats so we have had to keep "Cruiser" in our son's old room except when "Gabie" is in our bedroom or outside. We introduced them to each other and "Gabie" was less than a gracious host.

Not to forget what this weekend is all about "Old Glory" has been flown each day.

Tuesday back to work?