Thursday, May 28, 2009


Two of my favorite movies of all time have been released this month on DVD:


(Also known as "Flame over India" in the United States). A rousing English made colonial adventure about the British in India in 1905 trying to keep the peace between the Muslims and the Hindus with a a good cast that includes Lauren Bacall and Kenneth More. Bacall is the American governess of a young Hindu prince who Muslim rebels are trying to kill. (Somethings never change) Kenneth More is a "stiff upper lip" British officer trying to protect the prince and they end up on a long train trip to escape the Muslims. In some ways a rehash of John Ford's Stagecoach,and originally written by John Ford associates including John Wayne's son Patrick Wayne! I love British Colonial movies.Liberals hate this movie because it is not politically correct.( British are the good guys and the Muslims play the part of American Indians to carry through the Stagecoach analogy)


Director Hugh Hudson and Al Pacino reedit their 1985 tale of a woodsman and his son drafted into the Continental Army during the American Revolution. The British don't come off as well in this movie! With Nastassja Kinski and Donald Sutherland (mean British officer). One of the best movies of the American Revolution ever made. Unfortunately there have been few modern movies made of this important historical event. The movie bombed at the box office in 1985. Ted Marhar, the movie reviewer of the Oregonian newspaper at the time, was one of the few reviewers that liked this movie. I love it. It is very realistic. For DVD the movie has been re cut with about 10 minutes removed and a voice over narration added by Pacino. The movie takes you to Valley Forge and some of the important battles of the Revolutionary War including Brooklyn Heights. However the war is as seen through the eyes of a father and his young son.

(Some of the descriptions of the moves are from Internet sources).