Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Only in Eugene, Oregon ..........or Berkeley, California!

McKey Sohlberg, a University of Oregon associate professor of communications disorders and sciences,has filed a complaint with the City of Eugene that the yellow "O" on Autzen stadium is a violation of the city's sign code. Click on the title above for a link to the Eugene Register Guard Story.

I love the "O" and when it was put up I wondered what took them so long! It enhances the architecture of the stadium. It is beautiful and I wish I could see it from my front window.... it gives me a warm glow every time I see it. Unfortunately, I have to drive three hours from Medford to see it. Even if the professor doesn't like it she is attempting to ruin a symbol that gives a lot of people pleasure and brings a community together for 6 or 7 Saturdays each fall. Why would she do this?

One tongue-in-cheek theory is she is a Husky. I plugged Professor McKay Schlberg into "Google" and discovered she has a Ph.D.,in Educational Psychology, from the hated University of Washington in 1990 and a M.S.,in Speech-Language & Hearing Sciences, from the University of Washington,in 1984.

She may be right legally, I won't hazard a guess on that, but she is a "party pooper"!(Slang for One who declines to participate with enthusiasm, especially in the recreational activities of a group)

Go Ducks!