Monday, September 24, 2007

You are under arrest!

We should arrest this tyrant and send him to Club G'itmo where he will be treated humanly until the end of the War on Islamic Fascist. We should then put him on trial in a Nuremberg like trial for crimes against humanity. IF found guilty he should be hung. If the U. N. objects we can tell them if they want to move their headquarters to another county Bye...Bye. They did a lot to help our hostages in Iran..... NOT! Remember Iran held 44 members of our United States embassy staff hostage during the Carter Administration for 444 days (over one year) in violation of all diplomatic laws. An arrest would be fair pay back. We have NOT forgotten! Looks like he made a fool of himself at Columbia. However Hitler was made the fool (Charlie Chaplain)and still killed 6 million plus.

UPDATE: Is the Wall Street Journal reading this blog. Yesterday I suggested Ahmadinejad should be arrested. Then today Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal writes an article about what if Hitler had spoken at Columbia and ends with the statement:
So there is Adolf Hitler on our imagined stage, ranting about the soon-to-be-fulfilled destiny of the Aryan race. And his audience of outstanding Columbia men are mostly appalled, as they should be. But they are also engrossed, and curious, and if it occurs to some of them that the man should be arrested on the spot they don't say it. Nor do they ask, "How will we come to terms with his world?" Instead, they wonder how to make him see "reason," as reasonable people do.

Yes we would have been better off if Hitler had been arrested had he traveled to the League of Nations or visited Columbia University.