Sunday, September 30, 2007


It was a tough loss yesterday to the Cal Bears. They were on the national stage and they let is slip away. The positives were as follows:

1. The team played hard and if they can avoid mistakes are a very good team.

2. 59,000 + fans at Autzen, the largest crowd to watch a football game in the state of Oregon. It was very loud in the stadium and the fans were very much into the game from start to finish.

3. The Oregon fans looked tremendous on ESPN's Gameday.( I walked through that area on the way to the game and it looked like Woodstock on the day after)

4. Good weather for a football game. (It was very comfortable day to watch a game in the stadium)

5. Oregon is # 13 in the Coaches poll out today. ( #12 last week) The Bears are # 3.

6. Oregon is # 14 in the AP poll out today.

The important thing is for the Oregon players and coaches to rest a while (this is a bye week) and then get ready for Washington State at Autzen in two weeks. We still have tough games against U$C, Washington in Seattle, Arizona State, UCLA in Pasadena and the always tough Oregon State Beavers in the Civil War game. We also need some revenge against Stoops and Arizona. The Pac 10 is so competitive every team including U$C can be beaten on any Saturday so lets strap it on and take them as they come! We lost the battle yesterday and not the "war". The character of this team will be shown in the weeks to come. We can either fold as we did last year or battle back to a BCS bowl.The Ducks need a fighting spirit untill the last play of the Bowl game. People who I respect and who are close to the team think this team has the leadership and character to rebound unlike last years team. Let's hope so. LET'S GO DUCKS!