Monday, September 17, 2007

The Football Weekend

This last weekend the Oregon Ducks beat Fresno State in Eugene 52 to 21 and as a result are now ranked 13th in the nation. My wife and I left Medford about 9AM on Saturday for the 4PM game. We got to Eugene and stopped by the UofO Bookstore on campus and then went by the Holiday Inn Express in Springfield about noon and they let us check in early. We had a lunch at a IHOP next door and then went to the game. I was able to get some tickets in the Club Seats at Autzen (middle of shaded section in picture) and we had access to "The Club at Autzen" which is very upscale large size lounge/banquet room behind the Stadium on that side. It's the only place on game day you can get mixed drinks and they even have an upscale Duck Shop. Normally you have to donate a lot of money to the Athletic Department to get the right to buy seats there.
The seats were on the 50 yard line and where theater type seats with a cup holder. We were about half way up the stadium on that side with a great view of both goal lines. I bought the tickets from a friend in Medford and sold my tickets in Section 13 to to another friend. After the game we took the footbridge back to the campus side of the Willamette River where we had parked our car. A very nice stroll on a nice day in Eugene. We had a late dinner at the IHOP next to our hotel and I watched a late game on ESPN to cap off the day. On Sunday we went to Best Buy (they don't have one in Medford yet!) and bought some DVDs and then went to the Oakway Mall and went to Boarders Books and did some shopping at the other stores. They have really fixed up this old mall into a very nice shopping area of which much is outside and it has a very nice court yard. We had lunch and some ice cream and took the three hour trip down I-5 to Medford. We had a very nice weekend. There is talk that ESPN Game Day will be in Eugene for their next home game against the Cal Bears in two weeks. Today it was anounced that ABC TV has picked up the game for broadcast. Go Ducks!