Sunday, September 30, 2007

Movie "The Kingdom" ***** (5 stars)

To forget yesterday's Oregon game my wife and I went down to Medford's Tinseltown to see "The Kingdom" which is a very good movie and will eventually be added to my DVD collection when it is released on DVD. The movie is about an elite FBI team that is sent to Saudi Arabia after a terrible terrorist attack on an American Community of oil workers and their family's in an American compound that looks like a typical American suburb during a baseball game.This part of the movie is very powerful. The FBI team are to help the Saudi government find the terrorist. The movie is basically CSI meets Black Hawk Down. After I saw the movie I read a few reviews of it (for example the LA Times)and I see why I liked the movie so much..... the liberals hate it because it shows the Islamic terrorist to be the evil people they are and makes American bureaucrats look ineffective rather than evil in the war against terrorism. Now, if the Americans had been been the "bad guys" and the American government evil then the liberal film critics would have loved it..... think "Syriana (2005). Of course, many liberals don't even think there is a war on terrorism. The movie is very powerful and in my book is a classic.

MAJOR SPOILER don't read further unless you want to know how the movie ends.

At the end of the movie a young daughter or granddaughter (of an Islamic terrorist bomb maker who is killed by the FBI) is told by her mother " We must kill them all." earlier in the movie an FBI agent says the same thing to another FBI agent who had a friend killed by the terrorist attack on the American community. Liberals who are so sophisticated they don't believe in in such vengeance or soultions and the terrorist see them as weak and vulnerable because of it. The only way to stand up to them is to kill as many as we can find! This will be a very long war... and we need to get used to it ....or lose.