Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bush Stands his Ground!

***** This morning before I came to work I watched President Bush's press conference. I think it is one of his best. He was persuasive and in good humor. He seemed calm and resolute while others in America are panicking. ( ie Senator Gorden Smith of Oregon)

Near the end of the press conference President Bush said:

"And so, when it's all said and done, if you ever come down and visit the old, tired me down there in Crawford, (Texas), I will be able to say I looked in the mirror and made decisions based upon principle, not based upon politics. And that's important to me."

As the President said he will not decide the war in Iraq based upon polls or "focus groups" and our commanders in the field should not be micro managed by Congress.At the Alamo William Travis drew a line in the sand with his saber and asked those that wanted to stay with him to cross the line and those that wanted to cut and run to try and escape. Too many American are looking for an excuse to climb over the walls and escape from the War on Terrorism. You can run but the Islamic Fascist will find you. I stand with George W Bush!