Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Weekend

Last night week took our son out to dinner on the patio at The Bella Union in Jacksonville. We then went by Barnes and Noble. What a happening place in Medford Oregon on a hot Friday Night. The adjacent Starbucks was crowded.
This morning I got up and did my yard work before it got too hot. The wife and I then moved a lot of our "stuff" out of the family room in preparation for the carpet installers on Monday. Two of the carpet installers then came by and toured the house for our plan of action. On Monday they will move the heavy furniture out of the first floor family room as well as the top floor where the master bedroom is located. They will then carpet those two floors. On Tuesday they will then come and do the main floor. After they left I moved a lot of stuff from our master bed room to the main floor.

Tonight we are going to Ashland for a play at the outdoor Oregon Shakespearean Theater. Our son, home from grad school, wants to go see "Romeo and Juliet". We will have a dinner in Ashland before the play and then browse some of the shops before we head to the theater. The picture above is from behind the Outdoor Theater looking at it from across the duck pond in Lithia Park.

On Sunday we will take our son to Shady Cove for brunch at the John Wayne Saloon at the Two Pines Restaurant. A great place. We will then come home and spend the rest of the day getting ready for the carpet men. We have to disconnect this computer and our TV entertainment centers with all their wiring between the VCR's and the DVD players. I am going to label each one so I can get them hooked back correctly.

On Tuesday our son will end his visit and head back for Grad School in North Dakota and his summer research job. It has been fun having him home. He has developed a real like for Nat King Cole and has been playing him much of the day. He is now playing music from "The Big Chill." Who would have though someone of his generation would appreciate such a fine music! We aging "Baby Boomers" are very lucky parents! I hate to see him go.