Monday, July 30, 2007

Over the hump!

Yesterday evening we were finally able to park our car in the garage. It's been over a month since we started our remodeling effort at home that required us to have a garage sale and then to move almost everything we own into the garage or out on our decks. In the process we have also gotten rid of a lot of stuff between our garage sale and a trip to Goodwill.
Well, except for a few remaining projects we are done with the major work. For the last two months we have been packing our stuff and moving it out of the house and then moving it back and redecorating the house. I am a collector of books, records, Oregon Duck memorabilia and movie memorabilia which are great hobby's but not when it entails moving it all. I am not as young as I used to be but this "old guy" was able to survive the hardest summer since I studied for the Bar Exam a "few years" ago. The hardest physically since I was in Army OCS a "few more years ago." Place looks great and it was worth the effort. Maybe I will have a beer tonight to celebrate! How long to football season?

Update: No Beer just some sleep!