Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Weekend

We had a busy weekend. For some reason the death of Joel Siegel, the movie critic for ABC's Good Morning America, hit me hard. I have watched and enjoyed his reviews for many year and he was only 63! After people die you often find out things you didn't know like the fact he marched with Martin Luther King in the early 60's in the South and was campaigning for Bobby Kennedy and was there in LA at the hotel when he was killed in 1968. He was a Liberal but I liked his reviews. RIP

Saturday I along with my wife and son, home from grad school for a few weeks, spend the day getting ready for our garage sale next weekend. We went through the entire garage and found a lot of stuff to add to the pile of items we found in the house. We even got some items from under the back deck. A friend of my wife's brought over about 5 big tables to help us display our "stuff" for the garage sale. We have had garage sales in the past but this is the largest ever by far.

On Sunday we got up and had breakfast a Donut Country... the best place for donuts in Oregon! We then went to see a Sunday morning movie at Tinseltown.... The new Bruce Willis movie "Live Free or Die Hard" and it was a wonderful movie. I loved it. It was both an action and a thinking man's movie with Willis his conservative/John Wayne self, fighting cyber terrorist and never giving up. It was also funny. I love it when heroes are not "conflicted" and know that action is required. Best line of Willis in the movie is:

"You know what you get for being a hero?" he asks. "You get shot at, get divorced, eat a lot of meals alone, your kids won't talk to you. Nobody wants to be that guy."

Yet, when pressed he says he does it because he is placed in a position where he is the person who has to do it.

After the movie we went back home and while I priced merchandise for the garage sale my wife made our signs for posting around the neighborhood. See you Saturday at 8 AM for the Big Sale.