Friday, July 13, 2007

Airplane Kid, kicked off set of Good Morning America

The young kid and his mother who were kicked off an airliner a few days ago because the child was unruly were on Good Morning America today. Before the interview was finished by Diane Sawyer, Chris Cuomo, had to come on the set and remove the child so Diane could finish the interview with the mother because the child was so unruly. It was very funny. Here is a news report of the interview:

Garren Penland, 19-months old, got so unruly during his mom's chat with 'Good Morning America' anchor Diane Sawyer, co-anchor Chris Cuomo had to take the toddler off the set.

While Kate Penland explained her child was well-behaved on the Continental Express flight, little Garren kicked, wiggled and squirmed out of his mother's arms.

At one point he climbed up on a coffee table and rifled through Sawyer's scripts.

When Sawyer handed him a model Space Shuttle to distract him, Garren flung it to the ground.

Kate Penland said she and Garren were booted from the flight last month by a flight attendant who suggested she use benadryl to calm her son down.

ABC News was trying to make the mother's story oh so sympathetic and it exploded in their face.... it was very funny and the look Diane gave the camera at the end of the interview was classic!

Click on the title above for a link to a report on WSBTV and a video of the Good Morning America interview.