Tuesday, September 19, 2006

University of Oklahoma President "Certified Idiot" (Oregon vs Oklahoma Football Game)

Matt Hayes of the Sporting News:

So this is what it has come to. Spineless punks have made death threats to the instant replay official who blew a call in Oregon's victory over Oklahoma.

You know who I blame? Oklahoma president David Boren.

Boys and girls, let me introduce you to a certified idiot.

Instead of defusing the situation, instead of stepping to a podium and stating that all the bellyaching must stop and that everyone needs a little perspective, he threw napalm on the already ridiculously inflamed situation.

He called the blown calls "an outrageous injustice" and demanded that Oregon's win over OU be erased from the record book.

Is this guy serious?

If I'm a student at OU, if I'm a professor at OU or an administrator, I'm utterly embarrassed and humiliated by Boren's reaction. Doesn't this guy have a land grant to chase down?

And while you're at it, Davey Boy, how about showing the same amount of outrage last fall when a terrorist blew himself up on your campus? Or how about some concern after your star tailback "loaned" a car from a local dealership and "returned" it a few weeks later and didn't pay a dime? Oh, that's right, we were told anyone in Norman who walks into that car dealership can get the same deal......

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