Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Clinton: "Pampered Peacock"

Bill Clinton interview on FOX NEWS

Bill Clinton, Pampered Prima Donna
By Brent Bozell III:

"It's easy to see from this display that Clinton is a pampered peacock, a prima donna who expects the media elite to love him, and explodes like a spoiled child when anyone dares challenge him. He only expects a challenge from the radical right-wingers at Fox. That's what he calls anyone who would ruffle a fine feather of his glorious legacy-building project."

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UPDATE; Kathleen Parker's take on Clinton and his losing his temper on FOX NEWS;
Clinton's demeanor with Wallace betrayed something more than mere annoyance. His face assumed what the Irish called a "warp-spasm,'' a transformative anger that revealed a repressed rage and the kind of sneer that gets schoolboys punched in the nose.

Before answering the question, Clinton attacked Wallace's journalistic credibility, saying: "You did Fox's bidding,'' and calling it a "nice little conservative hit job.''

"You've got that little smirk on your face,'' Clinton said, "and you think you're so clever.''

Clinton's hostility was surprising because it was so disproportionate to the query...His inner Gollum was visible beneath a roiling rage.

Clinton, we are constantly told, is immensely charming and charismatic. Narcissists usually are. Their social and political success is owing to their ability to project what people want to see. Friends and foe agree that few are better at this than Clinton.

But narcissists also become enraged when things don't go their way, when the attention they covet is diverted. Experience tells us, too, that manipulators are always contemptuous of those they manipulate....the wagging finger. Clinton's marmish scolding of Wallace was a telling moment, much like another time he wagged his finger on television.

He did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. And he did not fail to connect the dots concerning that man, Mr. bin Laden.