Sunday, September 10, 2006

Two Pines Smokehouse and John Wayne Saloon

On Sunday I performed a wedding ceremony at the River House in Shady Cove along the Rogue River in Oregon. My wife road along and after the wedding we had a late lunch at the John Wayne Saloon at the Two Pines Smokehouse also in Shady Cove. It was our first time and I was pleasantly surprised. I though they may have one or two pictures of John Wayen but there were pictures of "The Duke" everywhere with some nice statutes. It was very well done and the food was good and plentiful. They had a big screen TV with a 49ers game on. They also play John Wayne Movies. The other parts of the restaurant are also done in a western motif. There were lots of guns and mounted wildlife on the walls. To go to their website click on the title above for a link. They have got lots of pictures. As their web site states:
Two Pines Smokehouse and Western Museum is proud to present a comprehensive collection of Western artifacts and sculptures devoted to preserving and interpreting the rich history and traditions of the Old West. Beautiful flower gardens, waterfalls and sculptures, including a 9&? foot Frederic Remington statue entitled 'Rattlesnake', greet you as you enter the front of the building and set the mood for a journey back in time to the heritage of the American West
. A great place and I will be back.