Monday, September 04, 2006

End of Summer

We put our daughter on a "red eye" flight back to Washington DC tonight. We had a good 6 day visit. On Wednesday when we picked her up at the Medford airport we stopped at the Red Robin for lunch. On Thursday we had lunch at Galice on the Rogue River and spent time at Indian Mary Park on the Rogue. That night she and I watched my DVD of Stand By Me. Friday we went to see the movie Invincible at Tinsel Town and had dinner at Callahan's the day before it burned down (see post below). We then walked around Ashland. On Saturday she and I went to the Oregon Duck football game in Eugene (see post below). On Sunday she spent some time with her grandmother and we had dinner at The Bella Union in Jacksonville outside on their back patio. Sunday night she and I watch John Wayne's The Searchers on DVD. Today, Labor Day we had a BBQ at home and she rested for her all night flight to Washington DC via San Francisco. Summers gone but college football is just starting and of course there is the mid term elections coming up. The fun never stops. It was good to have her home again! Later tonight we had a nice conversation with our son who is in North Dakota. As Paul Simon says, tomorrows another working day and I need to get some rest.