Sunday, September 03, 2006

Callahan's Restaurant- Lodge Destroyed By Fire

One of our favorite restaurants was destroyed by fire yesterday. Just Friday night my wife and I took our daughter(visiting from D.C.) out to dinner there. It burned down the next afternoon on Saturday. My wife and I have eaten there for the last 35 years but got to frequenting the place in the last 4 months. We celebrated my wife's Birthday there and took our Son there when he was home for the Summer. It was located at the top of the Siskyou Pass on I-5 as it goes over the mountains into California. It was a very homey place with a large fireplace. A very woodsy location. It had a folk singer with a guitar who played there most nights and and added a real restful atmosphere to the place. We in fact had eaten there five time in the last few months. It will be missed. I hope they rebuild. To read the news story from the Medford Mail Tribune click on the title above for a link.