Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Oregon Ducks long nightmare with the NCAA is over and with a fair result!  I only wish it hadn't taken so long.  Now we can focus solely on what happens on the field.  Are you ready for some football!!!!!!!!! 

I got up early this morning after a fitful night of sleep, turned on my computer and fixed a pot of coffee (WITH CAFFEINE) and waited for the NCAA and the SCOTUS to announce their decisions with came out almost at the same time giving me a good case of sensory overload as I monitored  my TV ( FOX NEWS/ ABC's Good Morning America), my computer (emails, twitter and Oregon Duck websites) and my iPad too. I did all this  while getting ready for work and having breakfast.

Can't disagree with SCOTUS on DOMA and their non decision on Prop 8 in California.