Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gettysburg 150 Years Ago Today Continued

 There are reports today that General, "Fighting" Joe Hooker, leader of the Union Army of the Potomac has advised President Lincoln that he is resigning because of a dispute over the defense of Harper's Ferry!  Meanwhile advanced units of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia passed through Gettysburg  last night and are now occupying York , Pennsylvania as part of Lee's invasion of the North and the Union Army of the Potomac is without a leader!

In this hour of crisis President Lincoln has offered the commend to a number of Union generals who have turned him down. There are reports Lincoln has offered the  job to Major General  John F. Reynolds,  but has been turned down. With a major battle looming that could determine the fate of the United States of America , the Union does not have a commanding general to deal with the Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania.