Monday, June 24, 2013

Gettysburg 150 Years ago Today Continued

(General James Longstreet C.S.A.) 
News reports from imbedded correspondence say Confederate units including  Generals A.P. Hill"s Corp and General James Longstreet's Corp. are now crossing  the Potomac River into Western  Maryland. Now that "Stonewall" Jackson is dead Longstreet is considered General Lee's principal subordinate who Lee calls his "Old War Horse" and it will later be said: "was the finest corps commander in the Army of Northern Virginia; in fact, he was arguably the best corps commander in the conflict on either side."
General Lee has given his cavalry under General Jeb Stewart permission to leave the main body of the Army of Northern Virginia and is circling the Union Army of the Potomac to the East of Washington D.C.
Meanwhile President Lincoln has vetoed Union General "Fighting" Joe Hooker's plan to march on Richmond now that the "road is open" and ungraded. Lincoln sternly reminded him that Lee's army was the true objective. His orders were to pursue and defeat Lee but to stay between Lee and Washington. General Hooker is already moving his army North out of northern Virginia  in pursuit.